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Jan 25

Government Drugs Advisor…Hates Gays

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 in gay rights, human rights, religion

From the Guardian:

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, a Manchester GP and member of the Maranatha Community, an inter-denominational Christian movement, was appointed to the Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) last week.

The committee was plunged into controversy in 2009 when its chairman, Professor David Nutt, resigned after clashing with the government over its decision to reclassify cannabis from a class C to a class B drug.

Raabe, who stood for the European parliament for the Christian Peoples Alliance in 2009 but has since left the party, is medical co-ordinator of the Council for Health and Wholeness (CHW), a Christian organisation based within the Maranatha Community.

Briefing documents for MPs produced by Raabe on behalf of the CHW extol the benefits of marriage in fighting addiction. One states: “Marriage is associated with greater happiness, less depression, less alcohol abuse and less smoking.”

The CHW also makes strong claims about the health risks of “the homosexual lifestyle”. A briefing document states: “The media and the gay movement portray the homosexual lifestyle as happy, healthy and fulfilled. However, the homosexual lifestyle is associated with a large number of very serious physical and emotional health consequences.”

It adds: “A high proportion of homosexual men engage in a destructive lifestyle, for example contracting HIV/Aids or other STIs, and develop addictions to drugs or alcohol. There is a higher burden of depression, [and] attempted or completed suicide among the ‘gay population’.”

Raabe also co-authored a paper that claimed: “While the majority of homosexuals are not involved in paedophilia, it is of grave concern that there is a disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles and an overlap between the gay movement and the movement to make paedophilia acceptable.”

Wow. Gay people are paeodophiles eh? If these are the whacked out conclusions this man is capable of, what on earth is he doing advising the government about anything? It’s kind of shocking to see this sort of language even one step removed from any public body to be honest, but he argues:

“This is an appointment regarding drug policy and what views I may or may not have on homosexuality are irrelevant.”

They’re not remotely irrelevant. Firstly this man who is advising the government is an avowed bigot – the government, not some private company or faith based charity. Secondly it’s not a question of his personal views (to which he’s privately entitled) – he’s acted on them. Most importantly though this is an advisor who has demonstrated he bases his conclusions on prejudice and not evidence. It’s a ghastly development and should be reversed.