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Apr 16

The Leaders Debate and the Digital Economy Act

Posted on Friday, April 16, 2010 in general election, Politics

Astonishingly the long arm of the #DEAct has affected the digital aftermath of the #leadersdebate last night on ITV1:

ITV has tonight blocked anyone from uploading footage from the Leaders debates to YouTube because it may violate their own copyright.

Instead, viewers are forced to watch clips from ITV’s own archive on YouTube. Even short short clips of several seconds have been taken off.

I’d be interested in someone putting a flattering clip from last night up of Gordon Brown, and then see if material which would be beneficial to the Prime Minister (and to democracy in general) is still banned on ‘copyright’ grounds. The irony would be overwhelming – truly hoist to his own petard.

I didn’t watch it last night, but of course the entire debate is available above. What were your thoughts on the evening’s proceedings? Appalled by the presidentialisation of British politics? Thrilled at Clegg’s performance, which may yet transform the entire contest?